Harmony Home Care In Home Caregivers and Support Workers

We specialize in providing person centered home care. We've recognized that having the best in home caregivers is vital to our success. Enthusiastic, passionate and full of 'can-do' positivity, Harmony Home Care's caregivers always deliver quality care custom-tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Choosing to receive home care can be a life-altering decision. We know how every single minute our experienced in home caregivers spend in the of a client can improve their standards of living, to help them feel like they can live in comfort, independently.

And this is why we choose caregivers who are committed to making a change in people’s lives.

Before selecting any employees to join the Harmony Home Care team, they’ll go through our extensive selection process. Our meticulous approach ensures that our care providers and caregivers meet the highest standards we’re known for.

Just fifteen percent of all our applicants for our homecare positions get invitations to join the Harmony Home Care team.

What Makes a Harmony Home Care Caregiver

We have a large team of qualified in home caregivers from throughout the Sacramento region.

Just like their clients they look after, they all come from varying backgrounds, have a wide range of interests, hobbies and varied life experience. But they all share a few things in common – they are all friendly and fully enthusiastic for those they’re caring for.

They all enjoy making a difference.

Each of our clients is unique – both with their personality and their needs for medical care. That’s something we’ve recognized. We look to pair you or your loved ones with an in home caregiver who holds similar hobbies, likes and dislikes.

That is something other at home care agencies can’t do.

Home Care Training

Before going out and delivering care to the homes of our clients, we make sure that all of our in home caregivers are trained with the right knowledge, experience, and skills.

Jennifer Jarret, our Nurse Administrator, ensures all our workers continue to receive training which aids in their personal development.

However it doesn’t stop there.

We recognize the combination of on-going home care training and experience as the keys to success. You or your loved one’s at home caregiver will continue to receive training and support after they have come into your home to deliver care.

This approach lets you rest assured that you or your loved ones care is of the highest quality standard.

How Are Our At Home Care Support Workers Different?

At Harmony Home Care we provide all our at home caregivers with all the special care training they’ll need to deal with the daily challenge of caring for someone in their own home. We know that a good skill set and experiences are vastly important. But that is not what sets our at home caregivers apart from those offered from other at home care companies.

What sets them apart is their personality .

We search for people that are warm, friendly and enthusiastic about helping someone live comfortably and independently.

While going through our rigorous recruiting program, our home care experts examine attitude, behavior and level of passion about home care. That’s of equal importance to us as skills and qualifications.

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