After Stoke Care Sacramento

A stroke or a transient ischemic attack (TIA) can have a life-changing impact on a person. It doesn’t just affect the individual – it affects the entire family. After stroke caregivers from Harmony can be the answer your looking for.

Harmony provides professional after stroke caregiver services.  We enable you or your loved ones to receive agency supervised in home care and avoid a prolonged stay in a nursing home. We excel at caring for seniors with a history of stroke or cardiovascular disease.

Looking for stroke support and aftercare?

We Understand What You Are Dealing With

You try to imagine how they must feel. This person who used to be so strong and vital, who seemed to always have the strength and energy to be there for you, now struggles with even the simplest things, like raising a glass, or expressing themselves. Their helplessness is your helplessness, their struggle is your struggle. Sometimes you feel as confused as they do, as you labor to give them the best quality of life possible, it’s taking its toll on you.
Your loved one is facing multiple challenges, even with some of the most basic tasks they used to take for granted. They need help with getting around, and have become a serious fall risk. Household chores are monumental if not impossible tasks. Bathing, dressing, meal preparation-not to mention the new therapy treatments and medications that are now a required part of the daily routine.
Let us share your burden; we all have limitations, it means you’re human! It’s a sign of strength to reach out when you are at the end of your own resources. You, your family, and the stroke victim in your life will all be better off when you do.

Agency-Supervised Stroke Care

Our stroke aftercare services are customized entirely around the requirements of the patient. This flexible approach is taken to minimize discomfort associated with change to lifestyle and routines, and has the benefit of aiding in stroke rehabilitation. Our caregivers arrive and deliver the non-medical personal and companion care our customers need to aide our clients in their activities of daily living (ADL’s).
With stroke home care from Harmony Home Care, an individual affected by this medical condition can recover in the surroundings that they are familiar with, surrounded by their pets and loved ones. This can allow them to recuperate faster, since the home is also a great environment for relearning skills, or adapting to new physical limitations that may be present.
Also we can coordinate with families, home health agencies, hospitals, hospice, GPs, or other healthcare organizations in developing a stroke care plan. This allows us to ensure that every customer receives the highest possible level of care.

Our Stroke Caregivers

At Harmony Home Care, people are at the center of everything we do. That is why we take a people centric approach to all the care services that we deliver.
Our stroke support caregivers are friendly and have a ‘can-do’, proactive attitude. They are encouraging and are capable of providing vast amounts of non-medical care and support when it’s required.
Help with mobility and physiotherapy exercises, and also household tasks, such as cleaning and preparing meals, will be provided. Throughout the stroke rehabilitation process, you or your loved ones will be provided with all the emotional and motivational support needed for restoring confidence in your ability to keep your loved one at home.
With our stroke aftercare services, our stroke support caregivers will also help with sensitive personal care issues – from bathing, and toileting to washing and continence care. As well as non-medical personal and companionship care, our caregivers are also there to provide a listening ear – for sharing interests with the people they’re looking after.

Learn More About Home Care For Stroke Patients

At Harmony Home Care, we understand how challenging it can be choosing stroke aftercare. Allowing a caregiver to come into the home is a major concern for people considering home care for stroke patients. Our friendly team is here to offer advice and explain every aspect of the stroke support services we provide.
Contact us today to learn more about stroke care services from our expert team.

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