Sacramento Post-Surgical In Home Care


What are you going to do in that first 24-72 hours when you first get home after a surgery? Or if it’s one of the seniors in your family, how are you going to cope with the extra time and energy that they are going to require of you? Do you have the extra help you need to get you to and from the procedure? Will someone be there to get the medications, the wheel chair or walker, arrange for the medical equipment to be delivered, and make sure all the services the hospital ordered actually arrive when they are supposed to? And do you know what to do with all that stuff?

Maybe having medically supervised caregivers who are especially trained to deal with all these post-surgical issues might not be such a bad idea. Having the transportation to and from the hospital pre-arranged with a reliable agency might be one answer. The extra help could be just what is needed to keep you or your loved one safely at home, and prevent a dreaded and unnecessary readmission to the hospital. Post-surgery and rehabilitation care may be just what you need to keep your patient at home, and prevent them from failing and be sent to a nursing home to recover.

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