How At-Home Care Works from Harmony Home Care

Families who choose At-Home Care from Harmony Home Care do so with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their caregiver is always there when they need them, whatever the time of day.

One of the major benefits of our services is the constant care and companionship you’ll receive at home from a caregiver who’s dedicated to your needs.

All of our caregivers are supervised by a Licensed Nurse and with our network of offices throughout the Sacramento area, you’ll always have a dedicated case-manager close by. Your caregiver’s role can vary as much as you need, providing continence care and personal care, support with medications, or helping you with mobility.

Maintaining your home is important as well; your caregiver can help you with cleaning, housekeeping, shopping and laundry, as well as outings. We also know the importance of good nutrition; our caregivers will cook to your taste and offer advice on helping you achieve a well-balanced diet. Oftentimes, of greatest importance, is the quality time they spend with you as a companion, conversing or just keeping you company.

Our home care services stand out from others in several ways

Direct Employment

Harmony Home Care can make guarantees about consistency of service since we directly employ  all our caregivers. What “direct employment” means is that the caregivers are employees of Harmony Home Care. We take responsibility for your caregiver’s management and supervision, as well as investing in training and continued professional development.

The Process

Naturally, you and your family will have lots of questions that you’ll want to ask about how at-home care works. We offer an informal meeting that is free of charge with an experienced Harmony Home Care consultant. They will make arrangements to meet with everyone involved, including most importantly – the person who needs care. Often this means working with the hospital discharge team, a care home or another agency. If it’s appropriate, after this meeting we’ll develop a support plan. This plan is unique to your required needs and will provide important directions to the caregiver on a daily basis.

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