The Benefits of Staying in Your Own Home

“Patients often do better being cared for at home” says Jennifer Jarrett, Director of Nursing Harmony Home Care

One on one tailored care

We specialize in providing full time, one on one support. Our highly trained hand-picked caregivers are truly passionate about caregiving and only provide the highest level of care. Through our caregivers we’re able to ensure personal attention and support at all times.

From personal care to companionship through higher levels of caregiving needs, our caregivers can support anyone to remain at home. We know the importance of maintaining regular preferences and routines, including mealtime choices and trips out.

At Harmony Home Care, we are proud of our team, we wouldn’t have the reputation that we’re so proud of today without them. Compassion, empathy, commitment and skill are just some of the attributes we ensure that all our caregivers have.

A company that understands

At-home care allows you to stay in your home,  living the lifestyle you prefer, safe with the knowledge that your caregiver will be with you each step of the way, offering support for your daily routine.

Whether you’re returning from the hospital or if your current care arrangement just isn’t enough, we can help!

Continuity of care/managed changeovers

Our caregivers usually work for several weeks at a time which truly enables them to build excellent working relationships and bonds.

Your friends and family

Family can ensure they’re spending quality time with their loved ones, safe with the knowledge that your care and support is second to none. By having a full-time caregiver your friends and family can concentrate on being just that.

Having an at-home caregiver means that nobody else will have to take on a caring role – thats what our highly trained caregivers are for.

Your Pets

Don’t forget the other important member of your family – your pets. Many of the people we care for have pets and they of course are part of the care that we provide. Your pet is a source of comfort and it’s well documented that pet’s presence can promote contentment and wellbeing.

Many residential or nursing homes won’t allow pets, and this can be heartbreaking. Being able to stay at your own home, means not finding an alternative home for your beloved pet, they can stay at your side – right where they belong.

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