What is At-Home Care from Harmony Home Care?

At-home care from Harmony Home Care is an established full-time care at home service that allows you or your loved ones, to stay at their home in relaxed and familiar surroundings with a level of one-on-one support that’s incomparable. Providing¬†companionship, personal care and housekeeping it is a direct alternative to residential care that will empower you to retain independence and control.

Your professional caregiver works with you to meet your personal needs and wishes, following our custom designed support plan that we put together during your initial assessment in conjunction with those that are familiar with your existing routines and needs. Your care is arranged on your terms and we design it to meet your existing meal preferences and eating times, hobbies and naps, as well as established medication and care routines. And as your need changes, our one-on-one care has the flexibility to change with you.

Our experiences have shown us that finding the right person to support you is the single most important factor to get right. We take great care in taking steps to provide you with the most appropriate caregiver that meets your requirements. It may be that you need:

  • a caregiver with certain levels of experience and/or specialist training
  • a caregiver that can drive
  • a choice of female or male caregivers to support your personal care needs
  • someone who shares your hobbies or interests
  • a caregiver who’s comfortable looking after your pets

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